History Department Online Advising Guide

The Department of History at Cleveland State University has transitioned all major advising for History and Social Studies online to Microsoft Teams at http://bit.ly/CSU_HISadvising.

For 2020-2021 Academic Year Scheduling information see https://socialstudies.clevelandhistory.org/2020-2021sched/

Feel free to reach out to your advisor with any questions!

5 things you need to know:

1. Accessing Teams

Access Microsoft Teams and join the History Department Advising Team by one of the following methods:
1. Open your campus webmail and then clicking on the squares in the upper left corner. Choose Teams from the dropdown. Email shelley.rose@csuohio.edu for the join code.
2. You may use this direct link to our History Department Advising Page http://bit.ly/CSU_HISadvising and join using the code. Email shelley.rose@csuohio.edu for the join code if needed.

2. Advising Notebook

Individual notebooks in Teams will serve as your temporary advising file. Teams will automatically create an advising notebook for you under the “Class Notebook” tab. If you have your major checksheet or other notes you want to share with your advisors, you may upload them to your individual notebook.

3. Making an Appointment

Visit Starfish (https://www.csuohio.edu/successprograms/starfish-student) to make an appointment with your advisor. All appointments will be conducted online in Microsoft Teams at http://bit.ly/CSU_HISadvising.

4. Your Appointment in Teams

Use the Teams chat function for your advising meeting or arrange to make an audio call through Teams with your advisor.

5. Department Paperwork

Entrance and Exit interview paperwork will be assigned to individual students as an assignment in Teams. Please upload your materials here when requested. You may post copies in your advising notebook if you desire.

CSU Teams Information Page

See the Center for Instructional Technology & Distance Learning Site for information on Teams: https://www.csuohio.edu/messaging-services/teams