History Speaks: Oral History & Pedagogy

I’m pleased to announce our 2015 Undergraduate Summer Research Project sponsored by CSU’s Office of Research is underway! Researchers Chris Morris and Tori McDonough are already investigating current uses of oral history for teaching Social Studies.  They will have two main tasks this summer.
First, they will work with Dr. Mark Souther, Director of the Center for Public History + Digital Humanities (CPHDH), to learn how to locate, evaluate, log, and clip oral history interviews for classroom use.  The result will be a curated body of oral history interviews drawn primarily from the Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection and collected in the project blog History Speaks.
Second, they will work with me to develop a series of essays for Social Studies @ CSU’s “In the Classroom” feature.  These essays will outline current scholarship on oral history and pedagogy, model lesson plans and report a set of “best practices” our team will develop this summer.
Please join our conversations on Twitter @SocStudiesatCSU and in the comments on our blog.  We’re looking forward to a productive summer!