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History Speaks: Reflections from Victoria McDonough

Over the course of this summer, Chris Morris and I have had the opportunity and privilege to explore oral history methods and resources for the purpose of making them more accessible to educators and connecting them to practical classroom uses. Using oral history interviews from the Cleveland Regional Oral History Collection, we have worked to […]

Voices from the Past: Exploring World War II through Oral History

For the next portion of the summer blog series, Chris Morris and I will be providing sample lesson plans and teaching materials to help educators incorporate oral history interviews and methods within their classrooms. This lesson plan addresses the following standards from the Ohio Department of Education’s Model Curriculum for American History and Modern World […]

Conclusion: Connecting Historical Thinking and Technology in Classrooms

Reflecting on the “Connecting Historical Thinking and Technology” summer blog series, I want to close with a discussion about how historical thinking and technological resources are actually implemented within classrooms. As I consider the research and information on the topic, I have to wonder if many teachers realize that they are already employing historical thinking […]

Modern World History: Document-Based Question Assignments

For this posting, I decided to interview a student who was recently enrolled in Dr. Shelley Rose’s World History class at Cleveland State University. While participating in the class, this student was asked to complete a document-based research project, in which they used primary source documents to better understand a particular historical topic. The student […]

Resources: Connecting Modern World History with Technology

As stated in my previous posting, this feature will focus on technological resources that educators can implement within their Modern World History courses. EyeWitness to History, World History for Us All, and all provide teachers with engaging lesson plans and activities in order to help their students analyze primary and secondary source materials and […]

Modern World History: Developing Globally-Conscious Students

As the “Connecting Historical Thinking and Technology” series quickly comes to an end, it is important to discuss how the current Ohio standards for Modern World History courses connect with the research of historical thinking done by Sam Wineburg and Daisy Martin It is also crucial that educators understand how to implement technology into their […]

Resources: Connecting Contemporary World Issues with Technology

In order to help teachers incorporate the themes I discussed in my previous Contemporary World Issues posting, this post provides resources and links to activities, lesson plans and content that can aid educators in making their students more globally-conscious learners. Lesson Planet, the Peace Corps website for students and Globalization 101 all provide resources that […]

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