World History Association Panel Seeks Presenter- High School Teachers welcome

This call for papers (and the World History Association Annual conference) might be interesting for world history high school teachers:
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From: Pete Burkholder
Fairleigh Dickinson Univ
NOTE: Please send responses directly to Pete Burkholder at the above email
Due to the cancelation of one of my participants, I’m seeking a session
presenter for the WHA meeting this coming June in Minneapolis (see for details). The session is tentatively titled,
“Teaching World History Surveys: Problems & Possibilities.” Current
presenters include myself and Joel Sipress (UW-Superior); the chair is
Kenneth Shonk (also UW-Superior).
Sipress & I are both presenting on the issue of content selection and
“coverage” in world hist surveys, i.e., whether a coverage approach is
optimal, or whether an “uncoverage” model is preferred — and if the latter,
how one goes about doing it. The third presenter needn’t address this topic
directly, but something relevant to it would make for a more cohesive panel.
My original third presenter was a high school teacher, so someone teaching
at that level is certainly welcome.
If interested, please send me a description of your project or intended
talk, along with a brief (1-page) c.v. The deadline is coming up quickly, so
I aim to get this figured out in the next few days. Thanks for your