Looking for a Summer Course?

Attention Social Studies majors!   Several courses required for Social Studies majors are being offered this summer.  Check them out and get one more requirement out of the way before Fall.  There’s plenty of time to enroll: http://www.csuohio.edu/enrollment-services/summer
Here are the highlights:
Upper Level:
HIS 370 World History  (June 28-August 8)
Survey Level:
HIS 101 Western Civilization 1 (WEB)
HIS 102 Western Civilization 2 (WEB)
HIS  165 Intro Latin American History (May 17-June 27)
HIS 185 Survey of Middle Eastern History (WEB)
HIS 215 History of Americans to 1877 (May 17-June 27)
Contact Professor Rose if  you have any questions about summer courses and your SST major requirements through starfish or shelley.rose@csuohio.edu