Labor Education and Arts Project (LEAP)

Attention US History Teachers & Students!
CSU Professor Emeritus of History David J. Goldberg has been working with a group called Labor Education and Arts Project (LEAP). In conjunction with a recent conference they sponsored, LEAP has produced a very attractive 24 page booklet entitled “The Rise of the Labor Movement in Ohio at the Turn of the 20th Century. Populism, Progressivism, Socialism and the Campaign to Amend the Ohio State Constitution.”
High  school Social Studies and U.S. History teachers could possibly  develop s very stimulating lesson plan making use of the booklet. The year 1912 marked the height of progressivism in Ohio and the campaign to amend the Ohio constitution proved very successful.
There is also a possibility that  Professor  Goldberg could visit your classes if you choose to incorporate the booklet into your curriculum. To obtain a copy  of the booklet and for more information about how it might be adopted for classroom use, you can contact Professor Goldberg at .