July 14-18: World History Institute in Pittsburgh

NEO World History Teachers:  Check out this summer teacher institute sponsored by the Alliance for Learning in World History.
World History InstituteJuly 14-18, 2015 (+ travel days)
A national institute for middle school and high school teachers of General World History.
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
Sponsor: Alliance for Learning in World History (www.alliance.pitt.edu)
Hosts: World History Center, the School of Education, and the Global Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh
Mentors: Tim Keirn (Cal State Long Beach), Linda Black (Stephen F. Austin State Univ.), Deborah Smith Johnston (Concordia International School Shanghai), and Linda Cargile (Bancroft Middle School, Long Beach Unified School District).
Focus of the Institute: comprehensive professional development for the teaching of world history—conceptualization, student learning skills, pedagogy, content, and resources. Modules of Institute curriculum have lesson plans embedded within them that can be implemented in your classroom. Common Core is included through links of Institute curriculum to designated historical thinking skills.  The Institute gives special attention to research in world history, and how teachers can integrate the new ideas in the field into the classroom with hands-on activities. The Institute itself will also be studied as it takes place. (This institute is limited to General World History and does not address AP World History or its redesign.)
Institute costs: $1500 (tuition + room and board). Participants cover travel costs.
Scholarships: up to 6 scholarships will be awarded to those most in need
Certificates: Certificates of completion will be awarded to all who complete the course.
Application forms and full description online at:  www.alliance.pitt.edu
For further information:
Katie Jones, Administrator, World History Center
412-624-3073, joneskh@pitt.edu