Introducing Archive Materials in the Classroom

Hello! My name is Patrick Basista and I am a senior social studies and history double major with an education minor at Cleveland State University. Join us this summer as we take a look into the nebulous Cold War past through the interviews of Cold War activists. As the Undergraduate Summer Research Assistant for this summer, I will be your guide through interpreting and providing lesson plans associated with CSU’s social studies project “Out of the Archive and into the Classroom: Oral History Resources for Education.” The Cold War was an exceptionally complicated period in United States (and world) history.  The combination of audio primary sources, my experience in El Salvador engaging with important Cold War landmarks and people(notice the above photo of Monument to Truth and Memory in San Salvador), and my interactions with the Cleveland Catholic community and C.L.A.M. team will lead to useful connections between Cleveland and world history. Together, we will unearth the fascinating stories of the Cold War.