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2018 Social Studies Highlights

2018 Social Studies Program Highlights It’s been another exciting and successful year for the Social Studies program! Congratulations to the Class of 2018! This post highlights their achievements and other great news as we wrap up the semester. History Dinner & Awards Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alums gather each spring at our History Dinner to celebrate […]

2016 CIFF Films for Social Studies

The Cleveland International Film Festival is around the corner! I am keeping up with the tradition to look through the schedule and see which films will be interesting and useful for History and Social Studies teachers. Every year key themes emerge from this list. Perhaps not surprising, this year’s dominant themes are migration, climate change, and race. Let’s get […]

History Speaks: Reflection from Chris Morris

The experience of working with Tori McDonough under the guidance of Dr. Shelley Rose and Dr. Mark Souther has been nothing short of invaluable. I have learned a wealth of new information about the teaching profession, the historical process, and how oral histories can have an impact in the classroom. Our project, History Speaks: Using […]

Nationalism and World Geography

As we saw with Tori McDonough’s previous post on Gender Equality, there are a number of different ways in which to utilize oral histories in the classroom. Continuing with the non-traditional lesson plan format, I have chosen to write a flipped lesson plan for tackling the concepts of immigration and nationalism as well as world […]

Scholarship on Oral History Pedagogy

Oral histories bring the past to life in ways ordinary textbooks cannot. Through the power of hearing an individual’s voice and listening to their stories, students and teachers alike form a powerful, personal connection with the historical period under investigation. In addition, the process of creating oral histories in the classroom allows teachers to introduce […]

Conclusion: Connecting Historical Thinking and Technology in Classrooms

Reflecting on the “Connecting Historical Thinking and Technology” summer blog series, I want to close with a discussion about how historical thinking and technological resources are actually implemented within classrooms. As I consider the research and information on the topic, I have to wonder if many teachers realize that they are already employing historical thinking […]

Modern World History: Document-Based Question Assignments

For this posting, I decided to interview a student who was recently enrolled in Dr. Shelley Rose’s World History class at Cleveland State University. While participating in the class, this student was asked to complete a document-based research project, in which they used primary source documents to better understand a particular historical topic. The student […]

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