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American Goverment: Model Schools in Civic Education

To wrap up the series on historical thinking and technology in American Government classrooms, I decided to feature model schools and districts (see link below) that are intentional about producing civically-minded students through curriculum, activism and leadership opportunities. The Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools (associated with the National Council for the Social Studies) […]

Resources: Connecting American Government and Technology

In this post, I provide various resources to help American Government teachers engage their students. Building on my previous Government posting, Minecraft, iCivics, and Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools are technological resources that help educators meet Government standards and engage students in civic responsibility and activism. These resources not only teach students about […]

American Government: Developing Citizens with Historical Thinking and Technology

Within American society, many citizens are deeply unaware of the institutions that govern them and work to continue to make the United States a democratic and free nation. They do not understand the operations of federal services and organizations, in addition to how documents such at the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence work in […]

Global World War I

Today-June 28- marks the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo and the start of the events leading to the First World War.  While institutions like the Imperial War Museum in London (IWM) are leading impressive efforts to coordinate global commemorations-see their www.1914.org site- I am nonetheless struck by the nation-centric nature of World […]

Resources: Connecting American History and Technology

In this post I explore three resources that can help American History teachers engage their students. Building on my previous American History post, Reacting to the Past, Digital History and WebQuest.org can all help educators connect the events of the past with current technologies and methods of understanding. These resources will not only aid students […]

American History: Connecting Past Content with Future Methods

The experience of many students in Social Studies classrooms has produced a culture of young people who are not only apprehensive to engage the disciplines (see my Introductory Post), but who also lack the critical and historical thinking skills associated with and taught within them. Many students experience difficulty in engaging course material, especially in […]

Resources: Connecting Geography and Historical Thinking

In this post I discuss three functional resources that can help teachers link content from their geography courses to historical thinking and technology. Building on my first geography post, I list ideas and methods for effective implementation of these resources (Google Earth, Gapminder and If It Were My Home) so that students not only better […]

Connecting Historical Thinking and Geography

The concepts now associated with Ohio’s Geography standards for high school education greatly emphasize the themes found within Merriam-Webster’s current definition of globalization. Now, instead of simply educating students about the physical landscape of the Earth (and the various scientific factors included within that school of thought), teachers are also being tasked with the lofty […]

Connecting Historical Thinking and Technology in the Classroom – Introduction

Most often when students are polled about their experience in History or Social Studies classrooms, they give a common response: “it’s just boring, useless, memorization of facts.” As stated by James W. Loewen, author of Lies My Teacher Told Me, “High school students hate history. When they list their favorite subjects, history always comes in […]

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