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Financial Literacy: Teacher’s Perspective on Connecting Technology and Content

Garfield Heights Middle School Financial Literacy teacher Joe Petit shares his thoughts on historical thinking and technology in Economics courses – also see his Teacher Spotlight feature from October 2013. How do you use technology in your classroom? Technology is central and can help connect material to a variety of learning styles. I regularly use […]

Economics and Financial Literacy: Connecting Current Standards and Technology

According to Daisy Martin’s definition of historical thinking, the current Ohio Economics standards partially emphasize the claim-evidence connection aspect. Students learn, through these courses and standards, that Economic principles are grounded in theory and research and have been tested throughout generations and history. The claim-evidence connection in Economics and Financial Literacy courses allows students to […]

Connecting Historical Thinking and Technology in the Classroom – Introduction

Most often when students are polled about their experience in History or Social Studies classrooms, they give a common response: “it’s just boring, useless, memorization of facts.” As stated by James W. Loewen, author of Lies My Teacher Told Me, “High school students hate history. When they list their favorite subjects, history always comes in […]

Teacher Spotlight: Joe Petit

Presenting CSU Alum Joe Petit for our October Teacher Spotlight! Joe Petit graduated from CSU with his BA in Social Studies and Education in 2012.  He currently teaches Financial Literacy at Garfield Heights Middle School.  Here is Joe’s story: After dropping out of college at 19 I worked many different types of jobs.  Finally, at […]

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