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Victoria McDonough: Teacher Spotlight

We are pleased to feature Constellation Schools Technology Integration Coach Victoria McDonough as our May Teacher Spotlight! Victoria McDonough is a Cleveland State University alumna who graduated in 2016. During her time at the University, she double-majored in History and Social Studies, and minored in Secondary Education. Victoria also worked for CSU’s History Department and […]

Andrew Johnson: Teacher Spotlight

It is our pleasure to feature Bedford Teacher of the Year Andrew Johnson as our March spotlight!   Andrew Johnson is a Middle School Social Studies Instructional Specialist at Heskett Middle School where he teaches 7th Grade Social Studies (Ancient World History: Greece through the Renaissance). Johnson received his BA in History at The Ohio […]

Learn It @ the Library Workshops

Check out this useful new series at Schwartz Library: LEARN IT @ THE LIBRARY Free workshops open to all faculty, staff, and students! All workshops will be held in the back LCLC (Library Computers @ Learning Commons), Michael Schwartz Library, 1st floor. All attendees will be entered to win a Library t-shirt and goody bag […]

Conclusion: Connecting Historical Thinking and Technology in Classrooms

Reflecting on the “Connecting Historical Thinking and Technology” summer blog series, I want to close with a discussion about how historical thinking and technological resources are actually implemented within classrooms. As I consider the research and information on the topic, I have to wonder if many teachers realize that they are already employing historical thinking […]

Modern World History: Document-Based Question Assignments

For this posting, I decided to interview a student who was recently enrolled in Dr. Shelley Rose’s World History class at Cleveland State University. While participating in the class, this student was asked to complete a document-based research project, in which they used primary source documents to better understand a particular historical topic. The student […]

Resources: Connecting Modern World History with Technology

As stated in my previous posting, this feature will focus on technological resources that educators can implement within their Modern World History courses. EyeWitness to History, World History for Us All, and StudentsFriend.com all provide teachers with engaging lesson plans and activities in order to help their students analyze primary and secondary source materials and […]

Resources: Connecting Contemporary World Issues with Technology

In order to help teachers incorporate the themes I discussed in my previous Contemporary World Issues posting, this post provides resources and links to activities, lesson plans and content that can aid educators in making their students more globally-conscious learners. Lesson Planet, the Peace Corps website for students and Globalization 101 all provide resources that […]

Connecting Historical Thinking and Contemporary World Issues

According to the United Nations, there are a myriad of contemporary issues plaguing the planet. From problems surrounding adequate housing to human trafficking to matters of water and sanitation, individuals all over the world daily encounter issues that prevent them from living a healthy or equitable life. The Polaris Project estimates that roughly 20.9 million […]

Economics and Financial Literacy: Connecting Current Standards and Technology

According to Daisy Martin’s definition of historical thinking, the current Ohio Economics standards partially emphasize the claim-evidence connection aspect. Students learn, through these courses and standards, that Economic principles are grounded in theory and research and have been tested throughout generations and history. The claim-evidence connection in Economics and Financial Literacy courses allows students to […]

American History: Teacher’s Perspective on Connecting Technology and Content

Rocky River Social Studies teacher Sara Ziemnik shares her thoughts on technology and historical thinking in US history-also see her Teacher Spotlight feature from December 2013. How do you use technology in your classroom? I have an online gradebook, Progressbook, which allows my students and their parents 24/7 access to grades.  I also have my […]

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