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Advising and career information for current CSU Social Studies students

SST Majors: HIS 104 now AALAME

Attention Social Studies majors- HIS 104 “Modern World History” is now listed as an AALAME course in your degree audit. Please meet with your advisor in the History Department or your class Gen Ed advisor if you have any questions about how this might affect your future course plans. Don’t know who your advisor is?  Visit […]

Think Ahead: 2014-2015 courses for SST Majors

Social Studies Majors- It’s time to starting thinking about your 2014-2015 classes.  Check your schedules and contact your advisors with any questions before  the semester starts on August 25. Some new courses have been added to the schedule as well.  Here is a quick list of history department courses that fulfill requirements for the Social Studies […]

Summer and Fall Classes for SST Majors

Social Studies majors: Looking for summer or fall courses that fill your major requirements? We just added HIS 353: 20th Century Europe with Dr. Mark Cole to the Fall schedule which fulfills the European history requirement for double majors.   See the 2014-2015 course schedule for more details.  There is also room left in HIS 370 […]

Looking for a Summer Course?

Attention Social Studies majors!   Several courses required for Social Studies majors are being offered this summer.  Check them out and get one more requirement out of the way before Fall.  There’s plenty of time to enroll: Here are the highlights: Upper Level: HIS 370 World History  (June 28-August 8) Survey Level: HIS 101 Western […]

4:3 for Education Minors!

Attention Social Studies Majors with Education Minors! You visited CLASS advising and your Social Studies advisor for the 4:3 transition so you are all done right? Not necessarily!  All majors with education minors must complete transition advising in the College of Education to be held harmless.  Make an appointment or walk in to the Education […]

SST Majors: Complete your 4:3 Transition advising!

Social Studies majors: be sure to make an appointment to see your History Department advisor AND visit the Education Student Service Center to complete your 4:3 transition if you have not done so already! You can find all the contact information for advising in the Transition Advising Roadmap. Contact Professor Rose through Starfish or email her […]

Transition Advising Roadmap

Social Studies Majors- the 4:3 transition is here! Follow these steps to keep yourself on track. You MUST contact your CLASS and COEHS advisors to be held harmless during this transition. 1. Meet with your Social Studies Advisor in the History Department to complete your major transition. Contact: Dr. Shelley Rose Director of Social Studies […]

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