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Essays on connecting Social Studies content and pedagogy in the classroom.

April 7: “The Sixties and Struggle” presentation

Dr. Regennia Williams from the Department of History is  hosting Dr. Nishani Frazier in her African American history survey courses for a special lecture-discussion,  “The Sixties and the Struggle: Battles Fought and Lessons Learned.”  This lecture takes place on Monday, April 7, 2014, 11 a.m., in Cleveland State University’s Main Classroom Auditorium (MC Aud).  A reception will follow […]

March 27: Walesa: Man of Hope at CIFF

Professor Rose has tickets available for CSU Students this Thursday, March 27 screening of Walesa: Man of Hope at 11:15 am at the Cleveland International Film Festival at Tower City Cinema.  Come check out the film and join us for coffee and discussion afterwards! Sign up here to reserve a ticket:  

CIFF Films for Social Studies

The CIFF is almost here!  As I browsed the Cleveland International Film Festival College Program schedule today I made a list of films that could be useful to Social Studies and history teachers.  The list grew and grew, so I concluded this is a task best crowdsourced! Here is my list of CIFF films that […]

December 4: CMA Educator’s Night Out w/ CSU Alumna Beth Noren

Learn more about using artwork as primary sources and the educational resources at the Cleveland Museum of Art! This week’s “Educator’s Night Out” features CSU Alumna Beth Noren on  December 4 from 6-7:30 pm From the CMA Facebook page: Educator’s Night Out: Artworks as Primary Sources Artworks often give clues about life in a specific […]

NEH Hangout Series: STEM and the Humanities

Check out this important Google Hangout Series from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).  You can view today’s Hangout on the site and participate in upcoming events.  This is an important series for teachers and pre-service teachers working to break down the boundaries between disciplines in the Humanities and STEM. Do you already integrate […]

Mapwalk Journeys: European Tour

Our final student reflection features a European tour.  Geography student Kelly Zippay demonstrates that the mapwalk can provide an alternative perspective even, and perhaps more so, for places with which we feel familiar. A European Tour This past Friday, I went on a tour of Europe.  During my tour, I visited eleven places throughout the […]

Mapwalk Journeys: Alexander the Great

World history student and Social Studies major Mikey Withrow shares his reflection on Alexander the Great’s conquests integrating landmarks from the map well with his historical knowledge of Alexander’s campaign. Map Walk Reflection This was the first map walk I have ever done. I really did not know what to expect when it came to […]

Mapwalk Journeys: The Silk Road

In this reflection Geography student Bill Lambrinoydis shares his experience walking the historical path of the Silk Road trade routes. He did a nice job observing the geographic features and recognizing changes in altitude and terrain. Bill Lambrinoydis: A Journey I would like to share with everyone an imaginary journey that I have written for […]

Mapwalk Journeys: Aboriginal Australians

Our first map walk reflection is by Intro to Geography student Tarchelle (J.B.) Anderson.  J.B. took her curiosity about the experiences of native Australians to a new level by examining Australian terrain on the maps. Two days before the Map Walk I was watching a show on the National Geographic Channel about the aboriginal people […]

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