Souther on Hough 50th Anniversary

This July is the 50th anniversary of the Hough Riots in Cleveland. For teachers in Northeast Ohio, the events surrounding the commemoration are a great way to augment discussions of racial tension, urban spaces, and local history in the classroom.

CSU history professor J. Mark Souther, a public historian who leads the Cleveland Historical project and Center for Public History and Digital Humanities (CPHDH), is participating in two upcoming Hough events- check them out!


July 7: Living History: Hough, Before & Beyond ’66 at the Happy Dog @ Euclid Tavern, 7:00pm.

July 11: The Sound of Ideas   at 9 am- listen to him live or visit the website later.


Other useful Hough links:

Hough,” Cleveland Historical

Hough Riots,” Cleveland Memory Project. (c. 4 min video clip of the riots and National Guard)

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Lackritz, Mark E.. The Hough Riots of 1966 (Cleveland Memory Project- Free E book)

Hough” on Cleveland Voices (


Photo Credit: “Broom Brigade on Hough Avenue,” The Cleveland Press Collection,” Michael Schwartz Library, Cleveland State University.




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